Lock smith from Ohio and France (Paris, Neuilly sur Seine, Marseille)

Locksmith from Ohio :


and http://www.locksmith-kettering.com/locksmiths-in-kettering.html


From France (serrurier) :

We had the chance to be visited by famous "serrurier" from France, Paris, Marseille and a other cities. Locksmith in France are good for opening locked doors and change disable locks. ESA and NASA are working on locksmith specific technologies to lock doors.

Some of the best French locksmith who came to our gala :

Ben : http://serrurier.xn---paris-hta.fr/

Jean Morin : http://www.leserruriercreteil.fr

Jean Louis : http://www.leserruriervincennes.fr/

Morin : http://serrurier.à-versailles.fr/

Michel : http://www.serrurierneuilly-sur-seine.fr/

Ben : http://serrurier.à-marseille.com/

Morin artisan : http://www.leserruriermontreuil.fr/

Timéo : http://www.serrurier-st-denis.fr/

Michel SARL : http://www.sos-levalloisperret-serrurier.fr/

The ceremony was presented by General de Fermeture Vitrier from Lyon

From Italia (Fabbro) :

Fabrizio fabbro di Milano : http://www.fabbro-milano.info/