The 50th Ohio gala by Nasa

The 50th Ohio gala by Nasa


A group of 19 of the astronauts from Ohio will gather next Friday, Aug. The celebration of the NASA's 50 years of innovation, inspiration and discovery will take place in the Cleveland Marriott Downtown at Key Center. Hosted by the Ohio aerospace community and served by the honorary chairman of the event, John H. Glenn, Jr., the first American to orbit Earth and former Ohio Senator.

An event in the stars

We are waiting for much more others Ohio astronauts. Special tribute to those Ohio astronauts will be made during the program. There will also be a ceremony for those who are no longer with us and recognition of those who were unable to come to this ceremony. Jay Barbree, veteran News Space Correspondent at NBC, the only journalist who covered all manned space launch in the US, will be the speaker. The evening's program will culminate with all the astronauts taking part in a conversation to celebrate and reminisce about their contributions to the NASA space program.

Great and famous Locksmith for Nasa

We are working with the lock smith in the world as space is a dangerous, NASA need the best secured doors ever made. French Locksmith are famous in the all country and some of them are working for NASA but also for ESA (European Space Agency). Some French and Ohio locksmith were at our gala, here is the list of them.